October 2023 Digest

Politics! Pumpkins! Worms! It's all happening!

There’s nothing more painful than when we agree with the co-hosts of 9021OMG, but as the month begins, they’ve arrived at the episode in which Chancellor Arnold gets a visit from his old Selanesian friend President Quintero, and, across the board, no one is impressed. Fortunately, things get back to normal in the month’s remaining two episodes, which revolve around Halloween — hey, just like in our timeline! Everyone’s suspicious of Ray, and wonder if that’s just because they know how things end for him and Donna; no one (but us) suggests this is due to well-planned, intentionally plotted writing. Tori tells us too much about what she’s into as a dater, no one knows what haircuts are called, Amy is still letting the Instagram commenters bully her, and much much more in our digest of 9021OMG‘s October 2023 episodes!

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  • 📅 Published November 2, 2023