Suddenly Sperm

Kyle tries to find out if he's got what it takes to make a baby with Amanda.

Amanda and Kyle having decided they want to have a baby, Amanda’s gotten herself medically cleared for action, and asks Kyle to do the same. But since he knows some of his Gulf War veteran buddies have had fertility issues, Kyle goes to his new pal (?) Peter (??) for a physical to see if he also got exposed to anything that compromised his baby-making capacity. The very busy Amanda also accepts Lexi’s invitation that they bury their former animosity by starting a charity to benefit the hospital; since Eve is present when Peter’s exes tell him about it, Eve gets territorial about Lexi and volunteers to join them, even though the more time she spends with Lexi, the more opportunities she has to reveal too much about her past. Ryan and Megan both finally get over themselves and agree to a date that doesn’t exactly go the way either of them would like. And Michael and Jane try to move on from each other, even if neither of them seems entirely sure that’s what they want. No, we certainly will NOT be making any “sticky situation” jokes regarding our podcast on “Suddenly Sperm”!