When a court ruling goes Lenny's way, Kelly finds out how hard it is to get a mother and baby off the grid -- and complicates Donna's burgeoning flirtation with Matt.

It’s time for Leah to have her day in court, and a custody settlement allowing Lenny basically unfettered access to their baby — and, therefore, to Leah herself — is obviously not the result she had hoped for. Enter Kelly, who’s ready and willing to help Leah get out of the county on an assumed identity. Unfortunately for Leah, Kelly has no idea how to do any of that. On top of that, Noah’s ongoing grief-induced self-destruction has Donna looking for comfort elsewhere, and since Matt is the guy she has her eye on, it’s really cramping her style to have to cover for Kelly and Leah’s shady plans with, you know, Lenny’s lawyer. Speaking of Noah: he’s still drunk and ridiculous, and now involving Val in his ill-conceived efforts at self-medication, including…illegal street racing? And despite all the time he spends with her, Noah fails to notice that Val’s going through her own shit — specifically, that she’s determined to get closure about her father’s death by turning herself in to the cops. A bad experience with a skeevy photographer who uses Sophie’s inexperience as a model to coerce her into posing nude leads Sophie to try to pay her bills through honest means. Sadly for Nat, this requires him to give her a job as a waitress. At least one of her customers has a good experience, though: an heir named Tom who’s so taken by Sophie that he’s prepared to take her on as his sugar baby, starting immediately. In Brandon’s absence, Steve and Janet have a lot of Beat pages to fill and only Steve’s bad idea as to how they should fill them: they should remake the paper as a Weekly World News-style tabloid! This leads them to investigate an allegedly haunted hotel, where they get locked into a walk-in fridge, and nature takes its course. We’re hitting all the highs and lows of “Confession” in our latest Again With This podcast!