Jen's hot ex comes to town to inflame all Dawson's insecurities.

After the extremely awkward events of “Detention,” Dawson claims to Joey that things between him and Jen are just fine! Little does he know that Jen’s ex Billy (Eion Bailey!) has come from New York to Capeside to try to get Jen back. It doesn’t work immediately, so he contrives a reason to remain in town, but also cries poor, which leads to him getting billeted with…Dawson? Feels like a mistake. The addition of a crying baby to the Potter household has left Joey extremely sleep-deprived, so Dawson should be especially grateful that she has any energy to expend on his dumb whining. But when she finally hits the wall on her shift at work, Bessie orders her to go to a beach party with Pacey. Many beers are downed, and some track for one of the most memorable relationship endgame reversals in TV history is laid! Deep, DEEP in the background, Gale and Mitch are back, trying to get their relationship BACK on track. Could the answer be scuba diving?! Put on a t-shirt and boxers you stole from a beau in your past and join us for our podcast on “Boyfriend”!