A Long Way To Tip-A-Rory

Can Kyle stop Rory before he straight-up murders Amanda?!

Having stormed in on Rory and Amanda’s wedding seconds too late to stop it, Kyle manages to yell a few things at Amanda, while security guards drag him off, about proof he’s secured that she isn’t responsible for Christine’s death. Amanda is curious, but trying to keep pushing Kyle away for his own sake, so it’s lucky for her that Rory’s going to make that easier by taking her to a remote island and trying to get her to give him half the ad agency. Predictably, she refuses, but he’s got a back-up plan: poison! Peter decides to listen to his heart and break up with Lexi…just in time for her to find out her late father Thomas had been embezzling from their fake company, and now Lexi may go to prison for it. Fortunately, Peter knows a way Lexi could get her hands on some restitution money fast: marry Coop and collect the money he’s promised in Thomas’s will. Taylor is rescued from her suicide attempt, in the course of which she hallucinates Michael telling her he’s her baby’s father and will stand by her through the pregnancy. The real Michael is not so interested in doing that, until Peter gets his hands on some spicy intel about Michael’s situation. Finally, Billy and Sam agree to file for divorce. We’d love to think this will put an end to their moping, but at this point we dare not hope. You are only a short distance from our podcast on “A Long Way To Tip-A-Rory,” because…it’s right here!