A Promise Broken

Jane's pregnancy ends, but the Mancinis' problems are just beginning.

Can it possibly be time again for another roommate spat between Alison and Billy? Already?! It is. This time, Alison gets snippy about Billy violating her privacy, and given that she catches him capering around the laundry room modeling one of her bras for Jake (and…not in a sexy way), we kind of have to take her side. But Billy is convinced that there’s something more under her rage beyond the obvious. The Mancinis are getting ready for Jane’s first ultrasound, but Michael’s mean doctor boss won’t take him off the roster for a surgery that conflicts with her appointment, leaving Jane alone when her OB/GYN gives her some terrible news. Afterward, no one can get Michael to talk about his feelings — not Jane, but not even Michael’s best platonic pal at the hospital, a certain Dr. Shaw. HMMMMM. We discuss “A Promise Broken” in our latest podcast!