As Bad As It Gets

Peter's plan to win Amanda back escapes his control pretty much immediately.

Mr. Beck from the last episode is about to go out of town, but first he makes sure Peter knows he’s already started making arrangements for a deal the two of them discussed offscreen. It seems to involve extremely conspicuous hired goons posting up at the jazz club being obvious, and given the look of them, Peter’s regrets start up well before we have any idea what the scheme even is. Speaking of schemes involving people who lived at the condo in the marina: Coop is having a bad time with Lexi, but the more he rebuffs her advances, the more determined she seems to get him to cave. Trying to prove to Lexi how confident she is in her relationship with Coop, Megan accidentally reveals how horny she is for the $5 million Coop will collect at the end of their marital year, which really undercuts his bargaining position with Lexi. Michael, a practiced liar, seems to think not only that he can keep Jane and Taylor from finding out about each other, but that he can do so while Jane is living with him. He…is mistaken, but Jane is more determined to make things work with him than we ever would have guessed during their marriage. Billy having been offered the Italy job offscreen since the last episode, he and Jennifer are busily preparing to leave L.A. and start their exciting new life overseas. But since Sam isn’t happy in her own relationship and wants everyone to be as miserable as she is, she embroils Jeff in a caper to convince Billy that Alison still loves him, using the most advanced technology 1998 has to offer. We made you a podcast on “As Bad As It Gets,” and we think it’s pretty good!