Ball n’ Jane

Michael returns to Chicago for a reunion...or two.

Peter’s more committed than ever to his scheme to get Amanda back, even though Dr. Visconti does not agree with him that a recurring sex dream — in which she starts by resisting Peter’s advances only to relent almost immediately — is prophetic. Elsewhere: you’re never going to believe this, but Coop and Lexi’s sham marriage is a problem from DAY 1. The first problem: Coop and Megan can’t be cool about it at all. The second: neither Lexi nor Peter seems to remember he was the one who told her this one weird trick for getting $10 million out of her father’s estate. Michael seems to think Megan’s official singleton status means he should try to get back together with her; when she shuts him down decisively, he has second thoughts about going back to Chicago for his 10th (lol) college reunion. His classmate Jane is excited to see him too, but dashes his hopes of reuniting with her in a more intimate way with some big news. At the agency, Billy and Sam deliver a great (lolol) campaign for an Italian swimsuit line — so good, in fact, that the client, Giorgio, is trying to hire basically anyone who ever touched it. Amanda turned him down flat, but Billy is interested in hearing more (though Jennifer stresses out when his excitement about moving overseas doesn’t seem to include her). And when Sam gets jealous of Billy’s opportunity, she makes Amanda agree to push her for it instead — which Amanda’s more than happy to do, given which of the two of them delivers more value to Amanda personally. (Remember: Sam’s having saved her FROM DEATH is “old news” — which, fair enough; Amanda’s already cheated death again.) The only problem with Sam’s efforts is that she didn’t think to tell Jeff about any of this, and he’s not too thrilled to find out by chance. Can this relationship be saved? Again? We think you’ll have a ball listening to our podcast on “Ball n’ Jane”!