Buona Sera, Mr. Campbell, Part 1

Amanda gets kidnapped on Peter's orders. Peter gets in WAY over his head.

After Peter failed to call off Mr. Beck’s hired goons in the last episode, his plan starts to come into focus: she’s kidnapped, and Peter’s going to be the hero who saves her, in the process winning her back. And it actually…seems to work? Kyle has to humble himself by asking Peter for ransom money, for starters, though Peter is too worried about what the guys might do to relish it very much. The only problem seems to be that Amanda has more ingenuity and a stronger survival drive than Beck’s henchmen anticipated. Taylor lets Jane know that she wasn’t just idly talking at the end of the last episode: she really does not want to raise the baby she’s carrying, and really thinks Michael and Jane should do it instead. Though Jane still isn’t sure she and Michael are going to reunite as a couple, she’s in (?), but will he be? And will he have time to hear a pitch when he’s so busy trying to split up Jennifer and Billy? Mind you, they don’t really need the help what with Sam around, so focused on their misery that she can’t see Jeff directly in front of her, extremely sick of her crap. Speaking of men being sick of women’s crap: Coop, as Lexi surprises him by spending a presumably large chunk of his half of the marriage money on a boat. Her flirty nagging even drives him to announce he’s quitting the marriage and foregoing the money, until she calls his bluff and threatens to tell Megan about all the sex they recently had. Say hello to our podcast on “Buona Sera, Mr. Campbell, Part 1”!