Divorce Dominican Style

Amanda gets quickie-divorced so she can quickie-marry...neither of the men who are currently in love with her.

Returning to the Dominican Republic to expedite her divorce from Kyle only reminds Amanda of how romantic her last trip there was, when she and Kyle were falling in love. Meanwhile, whatever scheme Rory has cooking seems to have sped up his timeline, so the smooth-talking gigolo routine needs to go into overdrive, too. Back in L.A., Kyle enlists Jennifer in his campaign to push Taylor into confessing her big secret about Christine, while Michael advises her against it. Michael, at least, seems to have given up his campaign to reunite with his ex, and spends every scene with Megan verbally abusing her while Coop looks increasingly constipated about it. Peter returns to Lexi seeming to have finally noticed what the rest of us have known all along: she’s boring and she sucks. Speaking of “boring” and “sucks”: THE SAM/BILLY/JENNIFER/JEFF QUADRANGLE, which is STILL HAPPENING GAAAAAAAH! Make yourself a tropical drink (heavy on the rum), and join us for our podcast on “Divorce Dominican Style”!