El Syd

Jack finally expires, but what will that mean for everyone else?!

After Jack kicks off in the cold open, everyone who knew anything about the circumstances surrounding his death braces for possible consequences. Michael thinks he can delay the autopsy results from getting to Nick, Jack’s lawyer. Peter ignores whatever Kimberly’s up to so that he can support Amanda. But she’s mostly just happy the only person she ever feared has died…until Sydney gathers both her bosses and Amanda for a sushi dinner, to tell them she has an incriminating tape of Amanda and Peter that she’ll pass on to the authorities if Amanda doesn’t give her half her share of Jack’s estate. Brooke is too sick to accompany Billy on a business trip to Santa Barbara, so Alison arranges to take her place so that she can get some face time with Billy and decide whether she really does still love him, or if she’s ready to move on and accept Hayley’s weird afterthought of a wedding proposal. And due to a hiccup with their travel plans, they end up getting more time together than she’d hoped! Having broken up with Jake for good, Jo decides there’s no reason not to join Richard on his “business” trip. And Michael puts a damper on Matt’s med school acceptance celebration by revealing how it happened. You won’t need a sword or horse to enjoy our podcast on “El Syd”!