Floral Knowledge

On the cruise, Tony tries to sail into Eve's pants.

It’s time for the cruise! Tony is VERY annoyed to see that his would-be girlfriend brought her husband, and orders Amanda to run interference, which Amanda is happy enough to do, both because she wants to secure his account, and because — as WE all know — she enjoys spending time with Peter because he is her favorite. Meanwhile, Lexi’s assistant Julie has heard all the gossip about Amanda’s recent business moods, convincing Lexi to take a break from boning Michael to try to…compete with Amanda for Tony’s account, which she almost has, rather than just try to scoop up all the clients Amanda just fired? Sure! Terry is furious that Ryan didn’t send Sarah home as planned, and gets the authorities involved to make sure he returns her. Sarah then hatches her OWN plan to stay in California by falsely claiming she can’t go back to New York because Terry is abusive. There’s nothing for it but to bring Terry to town so she and Ryan can both clear her name. Jane finds out about Amanda and Kyle’s divorce and heads straight for him, but how long will it take for Kyle or Jane to admit their true feelings?! We hope this description has given you a budding interest in our podcast on “Floral Knowledge”!