House Of God

Michael makes friends with a highly respected pediatrician. Jane has a hard time convincing him that his new pal beats his wife.

When Michael volunteers Jane to the decorating committee for an upcoming mixer for the hospital interns, she’s relieved to meet and make friends with fellow doctor’s wife Liz. And what do you know — Michael is also getting pally with Liz’s husband Scott, a star pediatrician. Jane finds nothing amiss in the elaborate story Liz offers for how she got a shiner on her right eye, but is less able to explain away finger-shaped bruises on both of Liz’s arms. Michael, however, refuses to entertain the idea that his new buddy is a domestic abuser, particularly since Michael is less popular than he is and unwilling to slow his own ascent at the hospital by making accusations he thinks are unfounded. The complex gets a new resident — Jo Reynolds, an aspiring photographer who’s just arrived from New York. While she’s slightly vague about what has brought her to town, depending on who asks, Jo and Alison bond over a temperamental dryer in the laundry room, and Jo and Jake have an instant attraction, even before he shows up at her door in nothing but a towel. We take you all the way through “House Of God” in our latest podcast!