Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Jess escalates hostilities with Jake, brokering the services of some hired goons.

Jake is still not okay with Jess and Jo’s burgeoning relationship, so much so that he kicks Jess out and fires him from Shooters — and, when Jo tries importuning him on Jess’s behalf, lets her know he’s not interested in seeing or talking to her as long as she and Jess are an item. In retaliation, Jess hits up a local pool hall and picks a fight with some toughs, apparently to determine whether they’re up for the job of messing with Little Brother (drink!). Brooke is such a good friend to Alison that she arranges for her to interview for a position at Brooke’s daddy’s company, which comes with a fat salary, and a surprise: it’s at his international headquarters in Hong Kong! Billy is all set to talk Alison out of moving so far from her friends, until Brooke urges him not to get in the way of Alison’s career progress. What will he do?! Sydney meets with Jim again and gets a surprise of her own: he’s an FBI agent who infiltrated Vince’s drug ring and is juuuuust about to make a bust. But he likes her, so he advises her to resign as president of Mancini Designs, effective…well, a while ago. And she can’t tell Jane because he can only save one of them. Things are still going SO great for Matt and Paul that, yes, it’s time for him to find out Paul is married to a lady. Matt is ready to leave Paul alone for good until Paul appeals to Matt’s innate kindness and begs him to help Paul work through his feelings: Paul never slept with a man before Matt! He says! Finally, we find out what Kimberly’s actually plotting against Michael: she’s going to destroy his career, and use Amanda — and, frankly, Amanda’s reasonable suspicions about Michael’s ethics, medical and otherwise — to do it. We’ve brought YOU a big, wet smooch in the form of our podcast on “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”!