Kyle Of The Desert

Doctors try new moves in their romantic lives; Amanda's still not moving much at all.

Our A plot is a good old doctor roundup! Michael is using all his romantic tricks to lock down Amber; when she resists, he (rudely) assumes it’s because she’s embarrassed about her job and what his friends (who) will think of her, and (annoyingly) the show doesn’t let her tell him she’s rejecting him for any number of other very good reasons. When Megan dribbles some baloney about never having really dated, Coop suggests that they start their relationship over in a “courtship” mode. Bob, having recovered his memories about the night of the hit-and-run, confronts Peter with a blackmail threat, but he doesn’t want money: he wants Peter to break up with Lexi so that Bob can have her for himself. (Billy, Sam, and Jennifer also stop by for one scene, presumably for contractual reasons.) Since Amanda is still paralyzed, Taylor starts looking for ways she can use the situation to her advantage with Kyle, spying on him when he goes looking through his old foot locker. When Taylor actually talks to Amanda, they compare notes on Kyle’s Desert Storm nightmares: he’s just started having them in Amanda’s room, calling out the name “Christine,” which is new data for Taylor. But when she snoops around Kyle’s things and finds a photo of him with Nick and Christine labeled “The Three Musketeers,” she gets an idea. The dry spell since our last episode is over: enjoy our podcast on “Kyle Of The Desert”!