Melrose Unglued

Jimmy the porn producer gives Sydney intel that sends half a dozen people into crisis.

How do you follow up an episode that closed with one partner in a medical practice getting arrested for sexual misconduct while the other — who was actually guilty of the crime — was left unconscious and possibly dead from a hammer blow by one of his wife’s Dissociative Identity Disorder alters? It seems unlikely but “MELROSE UNGLUED ACTUALLY TOPS IT.” Amanda finds a way to buy Peter out of his legal trouble, just as Kimberly decides to kick Michael out of the beach house for his own safety. Bobby accidentally discovers Sydney’s new porn-producing sideline, and while she’s dismayed that he feels so betrayed by her lies that he doesn’t think they can EVER be together now, she doesn’t back out of the movie, which is how she’s the one to find out — from Jimmy — that Vincent wasn’t behind the cable company double-cross. Her attempt to use this information to get back in Bobby’s good graces does not go the way she had hoped! Jake asks Alison to find out why Jane, who’s been stonewalling him, has seemed so distant since her return from New York; Jane might soon regret confiding her secret in someone with no poker face. And since Dr. O’Malley is still definitely horny for Jo, she uses his interest to her advantage to continue pursuing the case of Tyler’s abuse. Stick around for our podcast on “Melrose Unglued”!