Michael’s Game

Michael's scheme to honeypot Robert on his work trip comes (heh) to fruition.

As teased in the previous episode, Michael has given Sydney cash to arrange for one of Lauren’s ladies to go to San Diego and videotape herself seducing her. Sydney’s not so sure that Robert — who’s really in love with Jane! — will be such an easy mark, but then she also sends a young Famke Janssen to play the role of horny married business traveler looking for no-strings-attached fun, so…Sydney. Come on. Jane’s viewing of the tape has the expected result: she throws Robert out just hours ahead of the deadline she and Robert had both agreed she’d be turfing Michael. He just may have overplayed his hand with one of the other women he’s scorned. When Alison goes over Amanda’s head to get the MICROCOMP account back, we meet Amanda’s boss, Bruce Teller (Stanley Kamel, the future Tony Marchette on Beverly Hills, 90210). He kindly recommends that Amanda take a couple of personal days to process everything that’s going on with her dad, during which time Alison less kindly snakes one of the accounts Amanda’s been neglecting. Amanda apparently touches down in Hawaii only to get right back on a return flight (at least poor Jake got to experience ten hours’ worth of First Class?) to save her job, warning Billy that if he doesn’t control his woman, Amanda’s going to use every weapon she has against Alison, including the fact of Billy and Amanda’s fornication while Billy and Alison were on a break. Reed crashes on Jo’s couch while apartment-hunting in L.A., creeps her out by (a) snooping around her place while she’s not there and (b) pulling her gun on her as a joke when he finds it. Can he get it in? Find out if Reed’s one of the winners in our podcast on “Michael’s Game”!