Much Ado About Everything

As Keith starts escalating his stalking campaign against Alison, Amanda decides Billy may not be worth the trouble and starts assessing her other neighbours.

Rhonda has exited! Offscreen! Uh, bye! So Amanda has moved in (to Rhonda’s old unit, which we know was a studio?) and is busily making friends with her female neighbours. Jo seems to enjoy hanging out until it becomes clear that, with Amanda finally moving on from Billy, she has taken notice of Jake — and just in time for Jake and Jo to have moved in together, too. Why isn’t Billy still on Amanda’s menu? Well, Alison’s stalker has started getting more aggressive. He’s even gone after Keith with a tire iron, just like he did Billy! Surprisingly, Billy starts to get suspicious of this report since no one ever told him he was struck by a tire iron (and, of course, we know Keith just hit himself on the corner of his hotel room TV, so how he passed that off as a tire iron injury to anyone who examined him, we are sure we don’t know). Billy digs into this new crime, “stalking,” and finds out that the people who do it have usually experienced a romantic rejection. But will he be able to convince Alison? Jane is ready to exit her marriage with a minimum of hassle, but Michael the diva can’t even agree to a no-fault divorce due to the injury it will cause his pride. After the ladies’ squad end up out for dinner at the same restaurant as Michael and Kimberly, however, Jane reconsiders whether she does want to talk to a ruthless divorce lawyer Amanda (who else) knows and try to get a payout in the form of Michael’s future earnings. We discuss it all in our podcast on “Much Ado About Everything”!