My New Partner

Alison thinks she's about to find out that she has a (very) secret admirer in Billy, but Keith swims back up from the depths instead.

Since Billy and Amanda are refusing to ignore their own happiness and quit dating so that Alison won’t be uncomfortable around them, Alison is challenged to search her feelings about the matter and determine the real reason it bugs her so much that Billy is seeing Amanda. When Alison requests a formal meeting to discuss their relationship and then gets a dozen red roses at work with an unsigned card from an admirer who wants to meet her at Shooters, of course she assumes that it’s Billy, finally ready to make a big declaration. But no! It’s Keith. Now that he’s fully divorced (or…so he says) (again), he’s ready to pick back up where he and Alison left off, but is also content to start at the beginning again to rebuild trust. At least he’s not going to have to do much double dating with Billy and Amanda, since they both can’t stand him, and would rather spend time alone at Amanda’s bachelorette pad anyway. Jake is so happy with the current state of his life that he forgets he’s a character on a TV show and says so out loud, triggering his boss to lay him off ahead of a bank foreclosure of the whole shop. But there may be a way out: a five-figure divorce settlement Jo wants to invest in Jake starting the shop up again under his own management. Will Jake be able to quit pouting about being a “charity case” long enough to let Jo help him make his dream come true? We discuss it all in our podcast on “My New Partner”!