No Bed Of Roses

Steve rides his horse down to L.A. to put Billy and Alison in another love triangle.

Alison’s running her first solo account with Microcomp! It’s a big deal and very exciting, so naturally Billy understands why work is eating up all her time, including weekends. Ha ha, just kidding, he’s a petulant baby about — and maybe he should be, because even though Alison has been very clear with Steve that she’s in a relationship, he keeps blurring the lines between them. However, when he decides to start hearing what she’s telling him and try to move on, maybe she doesn’t really like that either. The Mancinis continue trying to move on from each other, but it’s not easy: Jane accepts Robert’s invitation to spend the weekend on his friends’ sailboat, but when the day comes, a luggage tag with both her and Michael’s names on it sends her into a spiral of wistfulness that causes her to renege. Alison suggests that she try dating someone who had NOTHING to do with her divorce, but the D&D guy she sets Jane up with is a dud from whom, fortunately, Robert happens by so that he can rescue her. Meanwhile, Michael is continuing to have “lunch” (sex) with Sydney in her barely furnished crash pad, not realizing exactly what he’s getting himself into. Amanda’s dad’s latest business idea involves producing replica sports cars, which means he needs a head mechanic to run his shop. Naturally, Amanda recommends Jake, who resents what he sees as a handout (and considering that the offer comes with a $15,000 cash advance up front, he’s not totally off-base). Sleeping with Amanda helps eliminate some of his qualms, but that doesn’t eliminate all the complications of his new situation. Go ahead and take a big whiff of our podcast on “No Bed Of Roses”!