Eve tends to depart from normal human behavior periodically but it's probably fine...right?

In some ways, things for Eve and Peter seem to be going great: he’s giving her his credit card for a shopping spree, broadly hinting that he’d love her to move in, and so on. Buuuuuuuut, there’s also the fact that she needs a shopping spree because she barely has any clothes; and is she maybe so focused on Peter that she might pass up a chance to make a deal with a record label? That’s not all, but don’t get too excited: whatever her terrible secret is, that reveal isn’t happening yet. Also not happening: Jane’s participation in the final wedding arrangements, because Alex is demanding that she come with him to his studio in Chicago to help him with his spring line. And if this puts them back together at the same place where they boned on the eve of her last wedding to Michael, so much the better for him! Michael tries to prove that he really does trust her by staying away, though if Peter wasn’t around to keep distracting him, Michael would definitely be getting on a plane to intrude. Megan continues running hot and cold with Ryan — literally; he helps her with a plumbing emergency at her kitchen sink — but if she decides to snooze, she’s gonna lose: now Lexi has noticed Ryan exists and decided she wants a piece. If you suspect we’ve made you a new podcast on Suspicion, you’re absolutely right!