September 2023 Digest

They brought you two whole recap episodes this month, but stuck a giant promo between them, siiiiigh.

It seems like the ladies’ schedules are getting back to normal, and there are a lot of ways to tell. First, they dropped as many episodes in September as there were non-holiday Mondays: meeting expectations! Second, the middle of the month’s three episodes is all about their trip to Tampa for 90s Con, and the various product lines they’re selling, from Jennie’s apparel line to the new QVC kitchenware Amy’s been stocking up on despite the fact that she doesn’t cook. When they’re not shilling, Tori and Jennie remember to talk about the show they used to be on, including how believable it was that Donna would want to live with the girl who’s dating her recent ex, how important it is that Donna wore a red bikini, which of her onscreen love interests Tori dated for real, and how working with Tori straight-up ruined Jamie Walters’s career. (It does also mean he has a great excuse for turning down the podcast invitation Amy mentions on mic, so: he’s better off overall.) All this and more in our digest of 9021OMG‘s September 2023 episodes!

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  • 📅 Published September 28, 2023