The Night The Lights Went Out At Melrose

Eve continues both getting closer to Peter and resisting Amanda's advice about him.

Eve is about as eager to get things going with Peter as a person can be. And she knows he and Amanda were formerly married. And she recognizes that her instincts about relationships may not be the greatest. But no, she is not going to listen to any of Amanda’s suggestions about how to handle things with him. Megan is trying to walk the narrow line between staying on Lexi’s good side (and in her employ) while letting Amanda know Megan respects her; she’s also, maybe, starting to thaw on Ryan. Lexi, meanwhile, is holing up in her condo trying to drink away her public humiliation. Michael and Jane’s story is still mostly spinning its wheels. At least Alex does what he can to change things up by suggesting that Jane become the face and body of his fashion brand, while also enlisting Amanda to break Jane and Michael up on threat of Alex pulling his business. Then there’s a city-wide blackout that throws everyone into disarray! You don’t need to see a dang thing to enjoy our podcast on “The Night The Lights Went Out At Melrose”!