The Days Of Wine And Vodka

Alison's just fully a drunk, and a mean one.

Zack encourages Alison to worry less about what her friends are saying about her recent behavior — and her drinking, in particular — and think more about what she really wants. Like a new car! How’s she going to pay for the convertible she ends up with? She’ll figure it out! Should she go with him to Santa Barbara when she has an early meeting the next day and the last time she did that she slept through her obligation? She sure shouldn’t! Does she do it anyway? You bet! Does she end up in exactly the same predicament? Oh boy, does she ever. Since she’s starting to get so sloppy that she’s letting down her colleagues, she pretty much forces them to call her on it, but she is not ready to hear their fearless feedback at all. A shadowy underworld figure shows up at Shooters and starts threatening Jake with physical harm if he doesn’t start paying into his protection racket. Jake refuses, but Sydney — who knows these people don’t screw around from her time with Lauren — is more receptive to direct appeals with regard to ways she could “pay” Jake’s protection money in trade. You know how. Oof. As Kimberly keeps getting more bad news about the difficulties she’s going to have in starting a family, she keeps running into Jo at the doctor’s office, and gets the story of Jo’s legal setback. If she can’t help herself, maybe she can help Jo? Matt’s parents meet and are quite taken with Jeffrey — so much that when Matt asks if he may bring him to Thanksgiving, they agree! There’s just one problem: if they attend, Matt and Jeffrey may only represent themselves as good friends. Bruce is back on his feet, and back at the office against medical advice, but the news of someone buying up large blocks of troubled D&D stock are not doing his health any favors. Who could be behind such a scheme?! Pour yourself a stiff one and join us for our podcast on “The Days Of Wine And Vodka”!