Three’s A Crowd

Amanda invites Alison to her parents' lake house, and since Alison can't do anything without her BEST FRIEND, Billy also comes along, and commences ruining Alison's life by starting a relationship with Amanda.

Amanda asks Alison to join her for a weekend away at her parents’ vacation home, which in our day would be the prelude to Alison’s sexual awakening as at least a bisexual (particularly given that the sleeping arrangements require Amanda and Alison to share a bed), but in ours has to be followed by Alison getting stupid Billy invited along, too. Of course, Alison regrets it almost immediately: Amanda and Billy are obviously attracted to each other, and as soon as Alison has turned in for the night, Billy kisses Amanda, who enthusiastically reciprocates. Without knowing for sure that this has occurred, Alison can’t ignore their flirting, and forbids Billy from pursuing Amanda for the sake of Alison and Amanda’s working relationship — something Billy then reports to Amanda in the course of ignoring Alison’s request. Amanda, however, insist that they remain transparent, and tells Amanda about their relationship, certain that they can all be adults about it, because Amanda doesn’t know how often Alison — a woman in her mid-twenties — still communicates anger by deploying the silent treatment. Elsewhere, Jo and Jake finally get around to doing sex, and as Rhonda and Terrence continue suffering apart, it somehow falls to poor Matt to broker a reunion. We take you through it in our podcast on “Three’s A Crowd”!