Triumph Of The Bill

Billy adds Julie Newmar -- Catwoman herself! -- to the list of people whose lives are worse for knowing him.

It’s time for the social event of the year: the Coastal Advertising Conference! And Billy has been preparing by going being Amanda’s back to her boss, Arthur Field (“…Who?” exactly) and lobbying him to let Billy make the keynote speech even though Amanda has done it for the past several years. Amanda decides to spite both Arthur AND Billy by giving the assignment to Alison…and from there things get weirdly complicated and a perfectly nice old lady who used to be on Batman gets hurt in the process. Jane and Jake’s relationship is also hitting some snags: Clare still wants to bone Jake even though she’s now working for Jane, and though Jo tries as hard as she can not to tell Jake about Jane’s tiki torching, she eventually cracks. Rita, a sexy and dangerous biker, joins the party in Kimberly’s head, and Peter is not discerning enough to recognize her after two conversations, perhaps because he is not a mental health professional. And as Sydney keeps getting closer to Bobby, he finds her goofy charms harder and harder to resist. If you think we’re going to make a Leni Riefenstahl joke here, sorry, but we are NOT AS TACKY AS THE WRITERS ON MELROSE PLACE, so we’ll just say: please enjoy our podcast on “Triumph Of The Bill”!