With This Ball And Chain

Orange is the new black for Jo. Will she be able to avoid a murder charge?

After ending up in jail following her arrest on Reed’s boat (or was it?), Jo’s next challenge is convincing her public defender that she killed Reed in self-defense and had no involvement in his drug business. He (a) doesn’t believe her, and (b) is apparently in some degree of cahoots with the DA to get a threatened first-degree murder charge pled down so that Jo’s case will just get off his schedule and he can move on to inadequately defending his other clients. Jo uses her one phone call to reach Jake, who rallies the neighbours to her aid, but what she really needs is a decent lawyer; the only one who could find or afford such a person is Amanda, and she’s in deep CYA mode given her own entanglement with Reed. Is Jo going to serve hard time?! After sleeping on it and then going to work for half a day, Alison has given Billy’s marriage proposal enough thought to accept. Billy tells Amanda that in order for there not to be any secrets between him and his intended, he’s going to tell her about hooking up with Amanda. Horrified, Amanda orders him not to, and then gets in front of it by telling Jake before Billy has the chance to say anything. The fallout is…unexpected? Sydney continues burrowing into Michael’s life: telling Jane about moving in with him; acquiring and donning a series of extremely Republican outfits; interceding on his behalf at work; and charging a bunch of furniture on his purloined credit card. How far is she willing to go with this gambit? Say “I do!” to our podcast on “With This Ball And Chain” and find out!