Bobby Dearest

Gina pursues redress for the plunder of her trust fund in 'Bobbi Dearest'!

Gina having learned that Felice is legally responsible for the theft of all her trust fund money, she takes the completely reasonable next step of pursuing legal action to recover the lost principal — and Donna, who absolutely thought Gina should sue her trustee back when she thought the trustee was her bank, now takes it personally. (Present yet silent through all of this is Bobbi, the one who actually used all that stolen money for her own benefit, which is weird?) Donna doesn’t love being in the middle of these warring family factions, which may be why she decides to get support through her ordeal from Noah and act like there was any ambiguity about the end of their relationship despite her having told him “It’s over” in precisely those words. David is pissed that Donna’s throwing him over again, but decides to get over it by following her advice and using his radio show to solicit applicants for the job of his girlfriend. Matt returns from New York to a fraught emotional situation with Kelly, who wants him back and doesn’t want to acknowledge whatever’s been going on between herself and Dylan since he came back to town. However, Kelly’s going to have to figure out which guy she wants to be with because while Dylan does get into a jetski crash, a good samaritan inconsiderately saves him from death by drowning; it turns out both of them have been frozen by tragedy — but can they help each other through it by finding new meaning in their lives? We discuss it all in our podcast on “Bobbi Dearest”!