Comic Relief

Emma continues working Brandon -- now, right under Kelly's extremely oblivious nose.

Kelly has so much going on, you guys! She’s still 50% of the workforce at the Clinic Clinic, still fending off advances and innuendoes from Dr. Creep — and now, on top of all that, she’s also coming out of retirement to model for Donna! She’s just so busy that she doesn’t notice how much Brandon and Emma are flirting with each other, and how little they’re bothering to hide it! Oh well. One of Val’s new initiatives for the club turns out to be a comedy night, and apparently the venue has such a bad reputation that even in one of the country’s comedy capitals, the talent is so thin that Noah and Val have to recruit Steve to perform. Speaking of performing: Val’s putting in a bravura turn as someone who wants to bone David, achieving the desired result of making Donna and Noah jealous. When not helping Val slam her bed frame into the wall, David starts his shameful car wash job, simultaneously starting his career as a homeless gay kid’s guardian angel. We discuss it all in the latest Again With This podcast!