Cupid’s Arrow

Noah's brother comes to town to make peace with Noah, and make a move on whatever woman leaves an unattended drink in his vicinity. It's just Val's luck this is the one time the club's actually stocked wine.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you know what that means: romance-related STUFF! Everyone wants to throw their single friends at Steve and Brandon! In fact, Steve ends up with too many bebs! Brandon’s not interested, though, because he’s still hung up on Kelly, despite the fact that things are progressing between her and Dr. Jeff — progressing right into a hotel room! But will Kelly be interested in spending the night in it with him after he informs her that he’s received a job offer in San Francisco and basically tells her to tell him whether he should take it and go, or turn it down and stay with her? As bad as some of these Valentine’s Days are, though, the ones in the A-plot are worse. Donna gets David to help her pick out a stereo for Noah as a Valentine’s Day gift as though he can’t afford to buy a thousand of them for himself, but her plan to hide from Noah the fact that she and David spent an afternoon together is scuttled when the two of them get in a minor car accident. Noah’s already been on an emotional journey through the episode by this point due to the surprise arrival of his estranged brother Josh, coming to town to tell Noah all about his engagement to the daughter of some other family of old-money swells, and he’s barely stopped being mad about that when Donna and David show up and he starts being mad about that instead. Alone at the bar with the brothers Hunter is, alas, the last place Val should be — and by the end of the episode, everyone has something new to be mad about. Hear how mad we are in our latest Again With This podcast!