We might not have thought it possible, but David finds a whole new way to fail.

David’s mood dramatically improves as soon as he decides that his mysterious loan shark angel must be Donna…and predictably darkens when Val returns from her low-cut sweater-clad recon mission to tell David that the person he actually owes his fingers to is Noah. Then he tosses one of his hobo rags onto a space heater in his office and starts a fire, so things are bound to get better from there. Somewhere in the midst of his ongoing crisis, he finds time to try to drive a wedge between Noah and Donna by telling her that he’s actually loaded, because you know how much people hate it when they’re starting a relationship with someone and then find out they have a lot of money. ADA Mills continues putting pressure on Brandon to reveal the source of his article on Riggs, and Erica’s finally warmed up to him enough to suggest a cunning plan. Steve continues impatiently enduring the wait for the results of his paternity test, with Rush eventually joining Carly in promising Steve that parenthood isn’t as terrible as Steve thinks. And Kelly gets a new haircut! And a new assignment from the Foundation Foundation: unqualified administrator at the Clinic Clinic! We discuss it all in our latest Again With This podcast!