Laying Pipe

For some reason, Steve and Janet put their child's spiritual guidance into the hands of Kelly and Dylan in 'Laying Pipe'!

Faith has been part of Janet’s upbringing, and she wants to continue the tradition with her own future child. A laudable notion, except that she and Steve have decided their child’s godparents should be Dylan and Kelly, and don’t withdraw the offer even after Kelly and Dylan pretty much openly act like they think the whole idea is dumb. Still, they do agree to go to Ojai to see Steve and Janet’s future wedding site with them, meet Janet’s pastor, and flirt with each other like we haven’t seen them do in a while. At the same time, David’s back in Los Angeles negotiating the sale of Steve’s Corvette (so that he can start his new life behind the wheel of a minivan), and doing some flirting of his own with the buyer: a performance artist named Marta. Gina’s also in L.A., accepting extortion payments from Mel in the form of vastly overpriced training sessions, until she overhears a phone call between Kelly and Matt in which Kelly announces that she’s going to spend the night in Ojai with Dylan to see the “pink moment” at sunset; Gina decides she would like to see it herself, and leaves Matt to wait by the phone with Walter Hawkins to find out if Pete’s execution’s going to be commuted by the governor. After Donna has an extremely brief interaction with a homeless man whose courtyard sleep she disturbs, she is the one who’s disturbed when he dies shortly afterward. Donna undertakes the project of finding out who he was and honouring his memory, while Noah tags along to take Donna’s need to canonize the guy very personally. Join us as we go on a journey through “Laying Pipe”!