Marathon Man

It's Christmas! It's her birthday! It's a perfect opportunity for Gina to sabotage a celebration -- at least, between her attempts to get into Dylan's pants.

The approaching yuletide holidays haven’t given Dylan any more concern for either her busy schedule as the co-proprietress of a retail clothing store, nor for her relationship with a dude who isn’t him. So with that in mind, of course he has no compunction about getting her on a private plane and flying her to Mexico for huevos rancheros, authentic sombreros, and a Mayan fertility statue into which he can stuff an extremely tiny amount of heroin. Gina takes a break from her suspicions about Sonia — now working off her debt to Donna at the store (when she’s not using the space to bone a dude after hours) — to be jealous of the attention Dylan’s paying Kelly and hang around close enough to swoop in as soon as Kelly tells Dylan she’s not interested in taking him back. Gina’s so willing to take Kelly’s sloppy seconds that she even agrees to take exactly the same trip to Mexico Dylan took Kelly on and receive the gift of exactly the same Mayan sculpture, filled with exactly the same smuggled contraband. It’s just Gina’s bad luck that the store gets robbed when she knocks off early to go fuck around in Cabo and drive Kelly back into Matt’s arms. Through all this, Noah is using Gina as his TaskRabbit for Donna’s surprise birthday party, because he is just as oblivious about Gina’s feelings about her cousin as Donna herself is. And in the background of everyone’s week is a dance marathon AIDS fundraiser at the club for which Steve accidentally makes an overly generous pledge. Does Steve then try to scam a charity? You know he does. We take you through all the highs and lows “Marathon Man” in our latest podcast!