The Penultimate & Ode To Joy

The show's series finale joins in marriage the couple everyone's loved the longest and rooted for the hardest: Donna and David. (?)

Kelly returns from Matt’s brother’s funeral to the shocking news that David has proposed marriage to Donna, and that Donna’s not sure what to do. Don’t worry: her reticence is short-lived, and the couple forges ahead with a wedding that may just be the one Kelly’s been planning since it all comes together in a matter of days. Why isn’t Kelly using it? Well, now that Matt’s biological child is about to grow up without a father, Matt thinks he should step in to perform this function, which provides Kelly with a good reason to let him go. Will Matt agree to withdraw from their engagement without a fight? Janet’s career continues to rise as Charles names her the new Editor-in-Chief of Nouveau, though she’s not so sure she wants the job. And Noah and Ellen have their 500th discussion about where their relationship is going, right before Noah leaves us forever. We take you through the two-part series finale — “The Penultimate”/”Ode To Joy” in our latest podcast!