The Whole Truth

Everyone has questions about Jo's backstory, starting with: who's Beth?!

All the Melrose Place dudes who aren’t currently involved in legal proceedings are still verrrrrrry interested in Jo. Michael wants to know why she’s changing her lock if it wasn’t broken, and when she’s going to get around to giving him, her building manager, a copy of the new one. Billy’s trying to conceal from Alison the fact that he’s dropping by with impromptu unchilled Champagne. But Jake is the most curious of all. Why would Jo claim to be going on a job interview only to hit up a jewellery store instead? Why doesn’t she have any photo ID to facilitate the sale of a diamond bracelet engraved with the name ‘Beth’? And who is this Beth, anyway? (Billy, meanwhile, gives up his attempts to hit on Jo, and when he gets very high on painkillers following a dental procedure, his subconscious serves up a dream about the woman he’d actually like to nurse him back to health.) Jane finds out the store where she works has been sold to Kay Beacon, a designer whose work she knows, and talks her way into a job at Kay’s studio. But is it worth signing on with an ascendant brand when Kay is an extremely abrasive manager, and pursuing the opportunity will keep Jane from getting pregnant again right away like she and Michael agreed they were going to try to do? Judith Hoag, Esq. presents Matt with a settlement offer from the halfway house, but he must decide whether it’s more important for him to resume the work he loves, or push for more damages to really make his point. We discuss ‘The Whole Truth’ (and nothing but ‘The Whole Truth’) in our latest podcast!