Jake vs. Jake

Alison's uterus picks a bad time to start growing a fibroid tumor: BEFORE she's gotten a chance to acquire health insurance.

Alison hasn’t been feeling quite right lately, lady parts-wise: turns out she has a benign fibroid tumor, which will require surgery. This is inconvenient because despite the fact that she works full-time at D&D, she doesn’t have health insurance. Billy leaps into action, certain that any hospital administrator who looks her in the eye won’t be able to deny her care; unfortunately, they live in the United States of America, so he is mistaken. Can Billy get over his brand-new awareness of the issues with this country’s for-profit health care system long enough to let Michael, who works within it, try to help Billy’s BEST FRIEND? Jake’s “one who got away,” Colleen, comes back to town. He apparently thinks she might want to start something up again, but no: she informs him that her son David is also Jake’s biological progeny, but she’d like him to sign away his parental rights so that her husband can adopt David. Jake flips out and starts making irrational plans. (Bro, you think you’re going to sue for full custody? You aren’t.) Rhonda has a meet-cute over a flat of strawberries with a guy named Terrence, who immediately starts romancing her in a serious way. Could he be planning to whisk her off into a life of luxury? And if so, will it actually take…holy moly, ten episodes?! Seems slow. We discuss all matters “Jake vs. Jake” in our latest podcast!