The Phantom Menace

Kelly faces the fallout from Joe's shooting in our podcast on the Season 10 (!!!) premiere, 'The Phantom Menace'!

Time for the payoff of the Season 9 finale cliffhanger: yes, some of the bullets Kelly shot actually ended up in Joe, and he is dead. Everyone springs into action: Matt starts defending Kelly against possible homicide charges; Dylan starts getting defensive, somehow, about his choice to give Kelly an unlicensed, unregistered firearm that went on to be used to kill someone; and Steve and Janet start bickering about whether Kelly’s rapist really deserved incarceration or death. The drama surrounding Kelly’s arrest hasn’t distracted David from his anger at Dylan, which leads him to kick Dylan out of their house and back into the Beverly Royale Hotel — you know, where we all remember Dylan living in high school? When everyone sees Gina on a TV news report referring to Kelly as her roommate who killed someone (which is…literally what Kelly is), Donna adds that to her resentment of Gina for sleeping with Dylan again — way to tattle, David — and kicks her out of the beach apartment. Does Kelly get charged with murder? Does Dylan let Gina move into his phat hotel pad? And what is making Janet so moody? We discuss it all in our podcast on “The Phantom Menace”!