For Love Or Money

Alison must decide how ruthless she's willing to be to get ahead at D&D -- specifically, ahead of the kid from "Gremlins."

Alison is getting into a flirtation with Rick (Gremlins‘s Zach Galligan!), the kid from the mailroom with the excellent taste in breakfast carbs. Except, he’s not just the kid from the mailroom; he’s also the son of a big D&D sunscreen client. When Alison shares one of her campaign concepts over dinner, he can’t resist passing it off as his own and defensively claiming to have had it before she mentioned it to him. Alison complains to a higher-up, who gives Alison a chance to present ideas with Rick — and since Rick apparently doesn’t have any ideas of his own, it’s a perfect opportunity for her to shiv him. But will she? Jake, still (always) hard up for money, drops in on a fancy Italian café; while failing to learn how to use the espresso machine, he’s accosted by Perry, a flame from his past. The two of them used to run short cons together, and it turns out she still is: she’s passing herself off as an art dealer, and could use Jake as the face of her newest discovery when she tries to sell “his” work (actually just a bunch of splatters and butt prints). Jake’s integrity finds itself at war with his limited financial prospects, again. Gay Matt finds the halfway house budget slashed again, and needs volunteers to help him prepare meals for residents. Rhonda enthusiastically signs herself up for a shift, only to have to take it back just a couple of hours before she’s supposed to start. Will Rhonda and Gay Matt’s friendship survive her flaking? We discuss this and more in our podcast on “For Love Or Money”!