Last Exit To Ohio

Health crises come for blondes both standard and strawberry.

The last episode having left both Alison and Kimberly in possibly mortal danger from their own bodies (and not fire, or Michael, as is usually the case), it makes sense that they share the A plot. Alison has been hospitalized with toxemia and orders not to do anything that might raise her blood pressure, including watch TV — which seems crazy until some gossip Jake relays (well, look who’s suddenly not to good to repeat scandalous stories) makes her laugh herself into a seizure. Mrs. Shaw has responded to Michael’s call and is, justifiably, horrified by the sight of her daughter’s condition. But while Kimberly wants to leave Los Angeles on good terms with the only two characters who are still speaking to her, Mrs. Shaw (again, justifiably) hates Michael and doesn’t want to co-operate. Billy’s not happy with the way Sam’s father Jim is taking advantage of her, and the more he learns about Jim’s life of crime, the less he likes him. And while Sam herself is clearly also uncomfortable about Jim’s return to her life, Sydney can’t notice or care, since she’s busy defending herself, very badly, against Hilda’s nuisance suit. Peter may have moved on from Amanda, but he’s apparently yet to move on from Beth, while Amanda ruins Craig’s attempts to spend time with her outside of work by inviting Kyle along. And Chelsea’s mother actually decides to phone her half-orphaned child at Matt’s, and announce her plans to take Chelsea back to Paris with her. Get on board while we’re Young(stown): it’s our podcast on “Last Exit To Ohio!