Lonely Hearts

Sandy's random retail meet-cute turns into a nightmare when she tries to let him down gently, and then roughly, but he refuses to hear her, and all her so-called friends pressure her to give him a chance.

Sandy and Rhonda are goofing around trying on hats when Jackie Harris’s boyfriend Fisher (where my Roseanne-heads at) happens by and finds her instantly irresistible. He doesn’t seem to notice that they’re not clicking and insists on following her back to the complex, where he continues being totally unable to pick up on social cues like what it actually means when someone declines further dates because her life is “really complicated right now.” Then he shows up at the pool the next day and starts ingratiating himself to all of Sandy’s roommates, who basically order her to give him a chance, up to and including when he starts leaving creepy messages on her answering machine. Jake, of course, decides that the solution is for him to insert himself (and his fists). While everyone else is refusing to pick up on warning signs that a dude is a straight-up stalker, Alison is in denial about whether she needs to get rid of her beloved old car, Betsy. (Yes, that’s what passes for a B-plot at this point in the show’s run.) Don’t make us show up at your front door and beg you to listen to our podcast on “Lonely Hearts”!