Lost & Found

Jake finally forces Kelly to accept that their relationship has no future, while Jane tries wilding out like a single gal and loses her wedding ring in the process, and Billy imposes his terrible writing on Alison.

After weeks of vacillation between pushing Kelly away and letting her hook him again with her youthful feminine wiles, Jake finally decides to cut things off with her definitively. Because it’s a soap, this happens not with an honest conversation and/or appeal to the criminal code, but through moderate subterfuge Kelly might just be too inexperienced to see through. When Michael has to punk out on his plans to celebrate his and Jane’s three-month anniversary (no) of moving to L.A. (why?), she lets her female neighbours talk her into enjoying a night out on her own. Alas, this soon escalates to a screwball plan to pass herself off as a single woman and prove she can still pick up dudes, in the course of which she loses her heirloom wedding ring. Billy has read about seven-figure screenplay sales and therefore abandoned his plans to be a novelist and written a script instead. Has he ever done so before? No. Is he still confident enough to drop it off with prospective agents the day after finishing it? Well, he’s a white man, so: yes. It falls to Alison to break the news that, unfortunately, he sucks. Don’t get lost on your way to our podcast on “Lost & Found”!