Responsibly Yours

Billy falls for the only single mom in America who has no compunction having her child present for her first date with a feckless manchild.

Billy is drawn to the butt of a woman trying to fix her busted car. Her name is Dawn, and has more to recommend her than just her butt; Billy likes her even more when he finds out she’s a standup comic, and drags his friends along to her bringer show. He’s hinting around that he’d like her to invite him in when…the door opens and he sees why she’s not: Dawn has a son. Billy gets way too serious way too fast, lying to Alison to get her to loan him money so that he can pass it on to Dawn to fix her car. Alison keeps trying to get Billy to understand there’s more to parenting than taking the kid to Magic Mountain, but it takes him walking into the middle of a vicious fight between Dawn and her ex to make him understand she might be right. Elsewhere, when Jake expresses jealousy of Michael’s marriage and imminent baby, Michael advises him about how to take it slow with a romantic partner. Jake thinks Sandy might be a good prospect…but is he right? Find out with our discussion of “Responsibly Yours”!